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Chevy 6x6 C60X on MilWeb


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Noticed on MilWeb the other day what looks like a rather nice Cevy 6x6 up for grabs in the Netherlands.


Anyone know more about this type - asking price of €7,750 seems reasonable even with the to-be-expected oil puddles under it!!!


(Don't suppose it's anywhere near Joris or Enigma??? Pnone number is 0031 114??)

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Hi Neil,

The 6x6 Chevy or Ford are very rare in this neck of the woods.Most seem to be in Australia or US.That one looks in good condition too.I didn't actually think they actually were 6x6 but 6x4,but not sure.It seems a good price considering you would pay that price for a good 4 wheel CMP.The places to find more info are http://www.oldcmp.net.Takes a bit of trawling through,but I remember there used to be 6x6 info there.Also http://www.mapleleafup.org/forums.Couldn't find the ad this morning so don't know if it's gone already.Would love to come and see it if you buy it.I love those No.13 cabs and have a Chevy C30 for restoration myself.



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