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Hello from hants/derbys

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Saw your excellent website and felt compelled to join. Although we (my father and I) don't have any military vehicles restored to military guise we have a couple of WW2 machines - a Scammell Pioneer TRMU20 tank transporter (just the front half I'm afraid) and a 1940 AEC Matador in timber tractor configuration. Less complete but possibly worthy of mention are a WW1 era Karrier which is converted into a farm trailer although it is remarkably complete (uncut chassis, axles and diff look complete) and has always been kept dry so is not too badly corroded. We also have the remains of a searchlight trailer, age unknown, now converted into a low loader! (These conversions were carried out many moons ago, not by us before anyone gets upset!)

Also interested in a range of vintage tractors/trucks/landrovers etc which we own but these are not directly military related.

I'm a mere youngster at 27, work as a Test & Development Engineer for JCB but travel back south frequently to tinker with the fleet.

Regards, Ed Batchelor

Very impressed with the level of activity on the site, and the number of pictures especially of Matadors.

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Now that you have seen the light I m sure you will treat your Mat. just a little bit better and who knows someday you might feel the urge to restore it to its original design . I agree with your other thread that as it is its a very useful tool to help with other projects .

Welcome to the Friendly forum and please park the Mat in the allotted space in the carpark before entering the Club house , with so many vehicles We must start to make things neet and tidy so the new members can be amazed at the military pricise arranged parking , shame we can agree on what order that should be !!

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