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In 2001, my model display team were invited to a show at Notodden in Norway. This was very close to the Rjukan Valley, where the Hydro-electric plant is located that was invovled in the German production of D2O ( Heavy Water ).


We took a trip to the Hydro plant which is now a museum and features exhibits from the Heavy Water story. Here are a few pictures, including one of my B-17 over the Rjukan area, appropriate as the original 'Hang The Expense' that I modelled was on the US raid to the plant in 1943.


Other pictures include the guarded bridge across the valley to the hydro plant which forced the commando raid to climb down the valley and up the other side to attack the plant. There is a black and white picture of the electrolysis plant, now long demolished and two pictures of the Hydro-electric plant, plus a general view of the valley which only sees the sun directly for 4 months of the year.


We also saw the lake where the ferry carrying the heavy water finally sank. It was really strange to have been there and then to watch the film 'Heros of Telemark' and see all the places we'd walked.


A fantastic trip.









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