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Great site!


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Great site you guys have here. I joined last week to research the armoured car my grandfather drove during WW2. Everybody has been really helpful, and made me very welcome. Cheers guys!

Keep up the good work!


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Don't forget to post results of the search. the amount of info flying about you'd be suprised how much a chance remark can lead to. And you can't get innoculated for Green disaies. Just raise a second morgatge, much easier than trying to fight it.:-D

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I'm going to buried in a garage pit, hate gardening, sod pushing up flowers. I'd rather have a Dodge parked on my grave than a certain person dancing on it!


Actually I have a thing about Hereses that goes back to my Father's funeral. I have put in my will I want my final trip on the back of a Dodge, or failing that a Land Rover.

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)
yeah no what you mean mate. got them disaies growing alll over the lwan.

That's maybe a little bit too subtle for people on here, Bertie :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: How're your English lessons coming on then?

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