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Russin towed boat type thingy!

Bodger Baz

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Just found this picture i took a few years ago in Rustavi, Republic of Georgia, of a russian boat that has the wheels and tow bar built into the structure, it was in very good condition an was apparently going to be done up by the owner.


Anyone got any more info on them?






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I've seen several of them, they use 1-2 engines that are copies of Detroit-diesel, or alternative they are gasoline powered (Russian truck engines). I know one for sale actually!


Finnish Army was one of the users of such boats, they were used as "push boats" for temporary bridges etc. Usually they didn't see too much use...


(I'm getting the information from the advertisement of the seller of such boat)

Lenght is 9 meters, and width 2.85, weight being 3750kg. Towing power 1.5 tons, top speed 22km/h, you can push 40 ton barge 9km/h. Powered with two 3.5L 70bhp 6-cylinder gasoline engines, both have independent gear and propeller, possible to turn the boat around while its standing still. The tires are lifted up when the boat is in the water, can be transferred on the road. 3500,- Eur.


If someone is really interested, I know where the boat is stored (about 200km from Helsinki, in Finland), and can ask the seller if its still available. I know the guy (bought something from him earlier) but have never met him personally - anyway he's very trustworthy.

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No probs! Here's one more for sale! http://www.nettivene.com/viewBoat.php?id_boat=277905&status=&sid_make=426&PN%5B0%5D=simp_search&PL%5B0%5D=simpleSearch.php?status=@sid_make=426


The correct model type is BMK-130M "pushboat"


"Registered for 10 persons. Comes with boat registeration gear. Military gear for 6 persons. Driven only 5 hours since new (ie. its "new"). Goes nicely about 8 knots per hour (8L fuel per hour), max. 13 knots. If required one can direct the propeller direction for "angled push". (...the rest is not important, only sales talk...)


...technical details:

2-stroke diesel, engine power 99bhp, diesel engine with mechanical blower. Electric gear. Cooled by its own coolant system (so no sea water corrosion or freezing water probs). Manufactured 1990. Engine is GAZ-M204A "Detroit copy"


Too bad the price is high; 6300,- Eur.

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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)
Quite clever, alot easier to get that in and out the water, instead of buggering around with trailers. How do the wheels get raised/lowered?

Seeing as its Russian could it be a rarsfart.:rofl:

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