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Hi from Finland


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Hello everyone,


I have been visiting this site for a while, every time it's been a pleasure. I have a GMC CCKW 352 standing under lots of snow in my yard, hopefully I'll be getting some life to it soon. I am also renovating a 105 years old house and my wife thinks the house has to be ready first, I don't know where she gets these ideas. Yeah and I also have 2 war-time BSA foldables nicely folded somewhere, I saw them last before we moved house last time.


There was a mention of Finland among the places where The Eagle Has Landed was filmed, this little mention triggered my registering here!


Greeting, Arthur

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your offers of help. The poor Jimmy has to stay out in the cold while I'm scraping old paint of the floor and ceilings inside the house. When I bought the truck I told my wife we could replace lots of expensive scaffolding with it when it comes to painting the outside walls and repairing the roof, I just would build a platform on the cargo bed and move the truck around the house as the work processes. I hope this plan works... If it doesn't work then I'll definetily be in need of help.



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