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Hello from a "Damn Yank"

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Just want to say "Hi" from across the pond.

Been checking in from time to time but recently got registered to your forum.

I'm an active duty 82nd Airborne paratrooper, green collar professional with over 14 years on Airborne status. And way too much time over in the sandbox.

I do Living History displays for the 82nd War Memorial Museum on Ft Bragg, NC. as well as a couple other local museums. And many other unit and Army functions on Ft Bragg. My hobby is military history, mostly WWII armor and (the 82nd for some reason). I have a 1945 GMC CCKW 353 WW and M36 Gun Ring mount. 1943 Ben Hur trailer. a 1944 MB jeep which was my 1st MV project but got pushed aside when I got the CCKW. And Now has been pushed to the back burner again as I recently aquired a 1944 Ford M-20 Armored Car. This will take a couple years as its been forgotten for 40 years and will need lots of TLC. But I'm looking forward to this project and look forward to getting her up and running.


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Any sort of Yank very welcome here. The Ford M-20 sounds very interesting, where had it been sleeping for those 40 years ? 'Photos of your stuff would be great to see posted on this forum when you have the time. Cheers.

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Welcome aboard Doc,


Hope you find plenty to interest you on the friendly forum. We do have a rule that newbies have to clean the clubhouse for the first part of their membership. Someone will send you a duty roster in due course. In the mean time, keep your muddy boots off the furniture in the lounge. It'll be you who will have to clean it. Someone else will be along to tell you about the dancing girls.

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Well I've worked with Brit Para's, Gurkha's and Aussie in my military adventures, and I've earned my Aussie jump wing's... So I've got a bit of the lingo down.... But I might need a "terp" once and awhile.

"No worries mate".


Just wish is could find an importer that imports Beamish Red Ale here in the States......

And where is the NCO Club?

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What NCO club - we didn't have one in my day???? I don't think I've seen it while en route to the officers mess. Clearing it up last time was an unsightly affair. All that Dandelion & Burdock makes for a lot of trouble once the cigars are lit. Light blue touchpaper....etc. My local radio station was offering a diet training exercise called FART YOURSELF THIN last Friday - might prove useful for some people on this forum. God help us at Beltring....Keep away from the noodle bar after your Guinness!


Don't remember them offering Beamish at Gingers... but there are plenty of alternatives. 'Bring your own' is always a good one! Here I am counting down to another week of oblivion...

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