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Weymouth Veterans Weekend 14-15 June

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Great weekend was had by all and will write a report up later. It seemed to be a long weekend for me but it is always made perfect by driving past the veterans and thanking them.


Good to of met up with the Allied Forces who looked like they were on tour as their accommodation was fit for a king. There were a few cock ups over the weekend but it is the company that you keep that makes shows anyhow. It was a great pleasure to of met W0A2 for the first time and thank you for the offer of a lift Rob!


Took a load of Jims Sherman on the road run and Martin asked if we wanted to be the first mv behind Jim, I said yes please then Jess and I proceed to be deafened by the noise of that radial engine and shot blasted by the sand coming from the tracks.


Kev, Jess and I had a nice Saturday evening down on Weymouth beach just watching the world go by and admiring the re-enactors who were in period dress walking along the promenade – it really did look like a time warp.


Here are a few pictures of the weekend and most were taken by Jess:








Parts of Mulberry harbour at Portland




HMVFer - WO2





Jim and his Sherman





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I had a fantastic time at Weymouth this weekend. Even getting a WOA2 off the beach was an experience - my thanks to all who helped, and sorry for the sand.

Jack - thought you might like this photo.



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