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What is the daftest thing anyone has asked you...

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I am surprised at the daft questions I am asked about my vehicles or the "Facts" I am told about them...

These include:-


Why have you painted your Antar in RAF colours? The RAF never had any Antars...


(My usual answer is get in the cab and read the Air Ministry plate rivetted to the back wall...)


Does this Antar have twin engines. A Lot of them did...


( Normal answer is yes, it has two Lister D types side by side)


I was once laying under the Antar doing an oil change ( At Bletchley Park) when I heard someone say "That's a Diamond T.. I stuck my head out to tell them it was actually A Thornycroft Mighty Antar only to be told "I think you are wrong about that, That Big T on the front means it is a Diamond T"


(I was lost for an Answer)


Next daft question is "Is it Russian?"


Next "Fact" I have been told on more than one occasion, "I drove those during the war"


My normal answer is "Do you mean Suez?" to which I normally get "No World War 2 of course"


Next I get asked when I tell them it has A Rolls Royce C6T, is did you take out the RR Merlin then?


When I try to tell them that only early Antars had Meteorite engines but they were built by Rover, I get told "no, The Meteorite wasn't a Rover it was a Rolls Royce."


( lenghty explanations about technology exchanges and licence agreements are met by a blank stare...)


Where do these experts come from, what are your experiences...

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When I am out with my 1953 Matador I get asked what year is it. If I tell them 1953, I get told, ( no you are wrong, the last one was made Nov 25th 1945.)


Normal answe is "well AEC are wrong too because they have dated the Chassis build sheet June 1953..."

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Typical question - "is this the Damlar Dingo?"

"No, this is Damler Ferret".

"Carn't be, it has two steering wheels"


"Well, you must have took one out to save space".


Sat in the back of the Saracen I quite often get "I used to drive these in Irland"

"This was based in Irland for for some time"

"and I used to drive them 6 wheeled things as well"

"You mean Saracen"

"Yes great big things they were"

"This is saracen, if you look at the side you'll see it has 6 wheels"

"This is a pig, I know a pig when I see one"


or I get

"is that a Damler 2 pounder?"

"No its a Ferret"

"Looks like a two pounder to me"

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My wife restored a Bedford CA Debonair Motor Caravan. It had a 4 speed column change gearbox. Some Bedford CA's and Dormobile convertions (mainly Romany's) had the three speed box.


Talking to someone at a rally she was told hers had a 3 speed gearbox, She said no it was 4 speed.


She was told she was wrong, She told him she had rebuilt it, and driven it to the rally and it was definitely four speed. He told her she must be mistaken, they are all three speed...


The conversation didn't go much further before she suggested he might like to induldge in some sex and travel....(with himself)

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A you have seen on the Matador thread I fitted a Foden Winch to my matador, because it's original winch had been removed, and despite originality I wanted something more useful.


I was told at a rally that it was good to see a Matador that still had the original baloon winch fitted because they are quite rare.....

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A few weeks ago a fellow Dodge owner told me that my Dodge WC51 was post war so I asked how he could tell "the bonnet" he said. His Dodge was of course made in WWII. * dumbstruck * :sleep:


Last year we were out and about with the Screaming Ducks and parked up somewhere for lunch when an old man came riding towards us and pointed at a Willys jeep and said "that's not an original Willys".

He went on; "Original Willys jeeps are dark blue and have Willys embedded in the grill. There are only two of those in the Netherlands, one of which is in my garage. So tell me how old is yours" the owner said "1943". The man was silent for a moment and then quickly got back on his bycicle and was on his way again. :rofl:


Then a few weeks ago, again with the Ducks, somebody walked around a Willys jeep and said, I drove those NEKAF jeeps too! We all roared with laughter and he too was gone in a minute.

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When in kit,....quite often get asked 'What did you do in the war',.......:???

I know a night on the Calvados, does 'age me',....:cool2:.......but I didn't think it made me look THAT old.........:sweat:



Oh, and 'why have you removed the FRONT axle on the Bedford', :???......as they were ALWAYS four wheel drive.............:rofl:



'your vehicle is NOT origional.............' to which my (printable) reply is, 'no, its got 2008 petrol in it.............:)'



Don't y' just luv the public..........:-D:-D

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I converted a matador to a timber tractor. The Mat had come straight from 118 Recovery, Northampton Barracks, via David Crouch. It was an unregistered chassis cab.


Some years later I sold it and agreed to deliver it to the New Foreest. Going through Cheltenham I got lost, going one way up a street only to turn round and come back. Second time , waiting at the lights a bloke on the pavement told me he used to drive that one when he worked for as local timber firm. He was happy to see it again. When I told him I had converted it and had been the only person to use it for tree work he came out with the usual " No you are wrong about that, I used to drive it on timber...."

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With the Iltis I get/got


Is it amphibious?


Was it in Iraq?


Your Kubelwagen is the wrong colour


Is it a kit car?


Why hasn't it got any guns?


Funny looking Land Rover....


and so on..



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When out with International Harvester M55 or CVRT, "how many does it do to the gallon" gets boring very quickly.


A good way to wind Tootallmike up is to ask him why his "Diamond T" has extra air tanks on the side.....:whistle:


Or has it won any awards?.....

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Yesterday at the Overlord show a chap came up to me, and straight as a die he said "I am looking for Steve ( or one such name like that ) he has an army truck and its got a white star on it" .............................. Well what could I say !!!!!!!

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well ive got a volunteer to drive over the stinger next time we meet:cool2::cool2::cool2::cool2:


No problem. CVRT not affected by stinger. (This could become a very silly paper scissors rock type thing, so I'll quit while I'm ahead, and before he produces an RPG).

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No problem. CVRT not affected by stinger. (This could become a very silly paper scissors rock type thing, so I'll quit while I'm ahead, and before he produces an RPG).



RPG,.............he doesn't need one of them;.........:whistle: a night on the RED BOTTOM scrumpy,....... and his ' breath' :cool2: ahem,......will distroy pretty well anything............:sweat::sweat::sweat: :rofl:


Eh, David.......:-D

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Not vehicle related but my Dad is a National Trust volunteer and in the house where he works there is a collection of Ming type ancient Chinese pottery. He says he's lost count of the number of people who've asked, in all seriousness, whether they are dishwasher-proof!


He also reminded me of the anecdote relating to the brash American tourist at the Bodlean library who asks whether the building is pre-war? The curator replies "Madam, it's pre-America!"

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Mike will agree with this one.


"What is it"


It's a Ward La France.


"So it's made in France then - why the American Star"


No it was made in America during WWII. Made by the company that made fire engines.


"What in France"


No, America!!!


Others are, like your Diamond T, Mach, Jimmy. Has no one heard of Ward La France.



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Yes, but regulations for the deployment of stinger? Anyone watching a particular TV proggramme last night (My excuse was the brain was rain sodden) They were going to use a stinger on a bus, ah ha , No, no no.

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