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'Over The Top 1918', Fort Nelson

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This is a different - and better - one. The one made for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, based on a Centurion chassis (as you probably know), was sold off to the King of some middle eastern country - this one is 2/3's the length of the original, as it was built for an indoor film set so had to be light. The tracks etc are spot on for a Mk IV and, despite the fact it's a bit stunted compared to the LOEGM one, it's much more accurate - if you get one of the photos I took of it on its own with no infantry, and compress it vertically, it looks spot on!


Here's some more information on it, showing it before it was painted more accurately, and with a rather long Lewis gun on the front! More to come either tomorrow or Tuesday evening



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Errrrm not sure - who's that? The only guys there with horses were 17th Lancers, one as shown was portraying 1914, and there was another portraying 1918 - when I upload the rest of my photographs (probably tomorrow evening) i'll include one of the other guy.

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