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"Memphis Belle" Completes Tour - May 17th 1943

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Often not realised, but the same day as the 617 Squadron Lancs went over the dams ( May 17th ), the USAAF B-17F "Memphis Belle" completed its tour of 25 missions.


Flying from the 91st Bomb Group base at Bassingbourn, the 25th mission was to Lorient, after which the crew went on a war bond tour. The "Memphis Belle" is often believed to be the first B-17 to complete its tour, but that title went to the 303rd BG "Hell's Angels". The 'Belle' was the first to complete its tour and return to the USA.


The "Memphis Belle" is now at the National Museum of the United States Air Force undergoing a 10 year restoration.

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Talking of Memphis Belle,.............. does anyone remember the TV program which I think involved David Tallichet bringing some B25's over from a desert storage compound in the U.S.A. They were for the same film.

The program was called "B25's do fly in I.M.C." if I remember correctly. They brought over several of them; some via Iceland or Greenland taking the shortest routes over the sea, but there were also arguments over whether one of the crews wanting to fly via the Azores.

It was absolutely fascinating to watch and I video'd it, but obviously haven't seen it for years. I remember them looking at the aircraft, starting them up after many years of storage and preparing them for the trip. I also remember the film during the trip, with oil streaming down the wings and Dzus? (Is that how it's spelt) fasteners rotating in the engine covers. What a tense and exciting adventure that must have been.


Just had another flashback........ I think they were called "The Dolittle Raiders", or sumfink like that.


Sorry to poke me nose in........... I'll let you get back to the proper subject:-D:)

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'B-25 Mitchells do fly in IMC' was the program covering the ferry flight of five B-25's to the UK for the filming of 'Hannover Street' starring Harrison Ford. John 'Jeff' Hawke led the flight.


Thanks for putting me right......... memory's going.......old age I spose.


Sorry fer pokin me nose in. :)

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