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What a great weekend. Just a shame that I missed the armoured column due to museum duty in the Memorial Hall! I saw the C47 though and what a joy. An appropriate aircraft in appropriate markings in an appropriate location. Just a great shame that there were no 437th guys with us to savour it as well.


It was good to meet some of the virtual HMVF names in the flesh too, even if they failed to capitalise on Jack's presence by not pinning him down and giving him a man's haircut! At least three people asked me if he was a fortune teller!!


Keith Brigstock became my own personal mobile phone stalker for most of the last nine months of RTV's gestation, but it was well worth it as he pulled the event off in superb style! Watching him in action was a revelation and you couldn't have wished for a better guy to have been in the hot seat, pragmatist, diplomat, peace envoy and siege negotiator all rolled into one.


All credit to him for dealing with the rough and the smooth so calmly (despite loosing sleep with the worry) and for not only gathering, but actually motivating a great team of willing and enthusiastic helpers from the KVMVT and the Garrison LHG, not to mention Suffolk and Nottinghamshire.


Ramsbury, the Kennet Valley and Wiltshire haven't seen the like of it since 1945!











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