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Help with 1942 Royal Enfield 350cc OHV WCO military sidecar

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i know :-(

I have started anothers projects. Now is time any finish. ;-)

The great puzzle will be the front forks. Desmantled are in the box for the long time.




OK Radek. I have built quite a few Royal Enfield forks over the years. They are a bit awkward because of the left and right hand threads on the spindles. But when you are ready I'll try and talk you through it in small steps. Ron

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On 11/24/2008 at 9:44 PM, Radek said:

Hi Stefano,

many thanks for info.

I know the BSA is better then any 350c.c. Here is brothers project. :-) No all parts are show on the picture.



bike 017.jpg


Halo Radek

I have the same sidecar. It was with wooden box and the same tire. The sidecar was with BSA M 20, 1942. Could You tell me what is this. Is it a war time?

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To my knowledge, apart from the Norton Big4, the only sidecar outfits that were officially ordered during the war, were by the Air Ministry. It was the Swallow Model 8 which were fitted to either Norton 16H or BSA WM20. Norton used their own chassis and BSA used the Swallow chassis.  Ron 



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