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Well its all over


I have put a similar thread on the re-enactors Forum but it dose go double with you guys.


I would like to say thanks to all the Vehicle owners that took part in Route to Victory. You all to a man and woman restored my faith in Human nature when on that Monday morning in the rain you all agreed to stay and put on a show for the Village no matter what the weather.


As you know I tried to marry the best of what the Military Vehicle Owners/MVT can do with the best from the re-enactment in the UK and neither side let us down. It was an experiment in a different type of event and I hope you feel that it worked and that you would do it again in 2010. The format of two days of convoys and two nights and one day of living history proved to be hard to organise and I did get some parts very wrong, namely the Home Front for the Monday, I hope with there guidance I can put this right next time.


Edd and Clive did a great job planning and executing the Convoys which all helped make the event as a whole so much better. The vision of trucks full of troops was also a grand sight and I would thank those drivers who allowed there vehicles to be used in this way.


From a public spectacular it all came together in a fantastic finale and this was as much to your hard work as our good planning. Thanks again you where all a pleasure to work with, you gave me no problems and I look forward to possibly working with you again on the First May Bank Holiday in 2010 if we choose to do it again.


Please follow the links below for photos and Video





ITV News

http://www.itvlocal.com/meridian/news/? ... oid=185221


Photos and Video

http://www.ww2talk.com/forum/ww2-museum ... 008-a.html


Keith Brigstock

Route to Victory








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