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Does anyone know the makes of bikes used by post war dispatch riders, especially in the desert :) I have a Honda KL250 that I would like to turn into one if feasible




I take it by post-war you mean after 1945. The BSA M20 and Matchless G3L continued in use well into the 1960's. Triumph TRW was made in 50's and 60's, then in 1967 the BSA B40WD was introduced as the main motorcycle and the old M20 was demobbed. TRW continued on for a while. CanAm Bombadier 250 replaced the B40 around late 70's I think. This was in turn replaced by Armstrong MT500 about '86, superceded by the Harley Davidson (who bought out Armstrong and took their design) MT350. There were a number of motocros type of machine used in the first Gulf war, seem to think KTM, Honda, etc.



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Back in thelate 70s & 80s I know we had a few XL250 hondas in RE Specialist Units.

Rotten sods wouldn't let us loose on them, apparently they were too good for us :shock:


ah! do you know what colour they was in, the KL and XL are not far apart so I might get away with it :lol:

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