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Departed base 4am ish Thursday, quickly discovered that brakes were grabbing and sticking on, decided to carry on using them as sparingly as possible, around 9am South of Leominster exhaust started to blow,turned out downpipe had decided to part company with manifold, went looking for wire to practice my Bodgit and Scarper skills but instead found a good samaritan who insisted on dismantling the whole system (at this point panic started to set in) however it was duly welded up and rebuilt. I was now having visions of a starvation diet for the weekend as a severe pain in the wallet now seemed likely and any hopes of a swift exit stage left were quickly dispelled by two large toothy canines and a very substantial locked gate. Much to my surprise ( and disappointment of aforesaid hounds) my benefactor now waved me on my way refusing all payment except a modest donation to his beer fund. The remainder of the journey was fairly uneventful until reaching Ramsbury I chanced on a fire engine whose driver appeared to be hell bent on discovering whether the GMC winch and bumper would fit the front of his Scania. After a demonstration of his skill with hand signals and his command of the Anglo Saxon language culminating in an invitation to perform various impossible acts we finally disentangled ourselves and within a couple of minutes I was being welcomed to Camp Ramsbury after a 12 hour journey.



To be continued.

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