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RtV - A Complete Success

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Well the event is over.


So many faces, so many vehicles and so much changeable weather..........but a total success none the less.


I took some 1250 photographs and now have the job of editing the rubbish out.


I will post just a handful for now which I consider sums up the event pretty well.


Keith Brigstock and the committee of the new Kennet Valley Area MVT are to be applauded for undertaking such an ambitious project and pulling it off in fantastic style.


All of the participants that made Route to Victory a success are also to be commended, many of whom will read these threads as members of HMVF.


The pictures speak for themselves.





The Chancellor rubs his hands together.....



Rollin Rollin Rollin.........



Kelly's Hero's go swimming......



Dust - A signpost for the enemy to spot.......



HMVF on-tour.................



Gooney-Bird and cargo...........



C-47 Skytrain over the Kennet Valley



Jumping into Camp Ramsbury in M-41 Jumpsuits - The first time since 1944



Lovejoy, Tinker, Eric and Charlie Gimbert......!



Glastonbury moved to Wiltshire for the day...............

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Have to agree, a fantastic event. Monday morning looked like a complete washout but everyone rallied and pulled it off.


From my point of view, the parade, organised by Clive at the last minute, was great fun and better than the original intended run!

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I would like to add a little footnote to the convoy comments through Ramsbury...,after the initial meeting to discuss postponing the convoy due to the rain,as soon as the rain had slowed down, you might of noticed a lone Don R riding or should I of said sliding down the field on his bike and out into Ramsbury, his job was to see what the conditions were like and how many public were around, yep that was me..I came back to report to Keith on the conditions, I told him that the conditions were improving and there was a lot of joe public waiting around and that we the 43rd Recce Regt would go out and give them something to see.. so I went on up to our area to get the vehicles un-sheeted and ready to move out, thats when the message came from Keith to hold on and that he was trying to find the tank drivers to see what could be arranged,the rest as they say is history..


I would like to add my thanks to all of who came and took part in the event, it was an ambitious plan and Keith's drive and determination kept us all going in the face of adversity in all its forms!




43rd Recce Regt (and member of the event organising committee Kennet Valley MVT)

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Well to be politically correct or not, I have to agree with Adrian on this one...

Are my ears disceiving me? Is there contention over a cancelled or postponed Ramsbury convoy? This sums up one important factor...people's interpretation.


Well, having been within earshot of Clive when he received the early morning phone call stating; the public day convoy had been cancelled, the public carpark had been closed and radio announcements were going out to the public, need I say more. Clive clearly shocked at such inconceiveable news, repeated the message out loud. Needless to say he skipped into action, missed his morning fry-up to rally support for a re-schedule. Clive; born organiser, ever the diplomat and deeply passionate for the cause, does deserve some credit as without him, many of us well know that the convoy would not have taken place. Even though it was not exact per the original format, it was as close to Keith's vision as could be...British vehicles taking up the lead...Keith did thank Clive, off the microphone, whilst Clive participated in some MV driving to gain some momentum in the lead up to the Grand Finale, the C47 and parachute drops..."Thanks mate, I really appreciate it" I heard Keith say, I know that came from the bottom of Keith's exhausted boots! Thankfully, the event was a huge success and a great time was had by all...luck prevailed and some very sporting public in some very muddy conditions!


Thanks go to all the New Kennet Valley MVT committee, the foot soldiers who did not have time to enjoy the event themselves; David and Wendy Stevens, Paul Gannaway and Theresa Soley, sorry for not getting a cup of tea over to you! School visits; Jonathan Catton, Tracey and Keith Brigstock (Multi-tasker of the event). Road runs; Ed Abbott, Clive and the boyz on the bikes! Neil Stevens and Roger Day for the Memorial Hall museum (sorry I didn't make it but the kids did!) and any that I have failed to mention. Finally a sincere thanks go to Clive for giving up his vast supply of event paperwork to Keith and his blessing for using the "Gathering of Eagles"...whilst having his home roof dismantled and working on the pitter patter of a baby Stevens...congratulations Clive and Suzanne!


Great start to 2008 season, very well done everyone! :tup::


The Benham family and team (written by Andrea and not approved by Phil...ouch!)

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