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How to upload good quality video to HMVFTV


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I have recently put two videos on HMVFTV and the first one plays a lot worse than it does on Y**t**be.

To get vids to play well on Y**t**be I converted the original mpeg2 to mpeg4 / '480 X 360' / frame rate '24', this works pretty well, it does not on HMVFTV.


I have put other vids on HMVFTV as mpeg2 and they don't play all that well either, and take ages to upload.


Can we possibly have a definitive 'best format' for HMVFTV set out in lay mans terms, in the help section of the site? I think a lot of members would welcome this, I know I would :help:


I know this would be difficult to do because of all the variations that exist but just knowing a starting point make things easier, :)

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