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Used the Militant to do some real work the other day. She did us proud!

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Militant Tanker.jpg


Tanker Accident.jpg



They certainly do look nice. Both appear to be 6 X 4 and, as Simon suggests, both have the early type cabs. A few, maybe three or four, fixed side cargos have survived into preservation but no fuel tankers that I'm aware of. I wonder where these 'photos were taken. Judging from the road position, not in the UK. Germany perhaps ?


In 2009 Member 6 x 6 suggested no Militant fuel tankers had survived:cry:


BUT!! Guess what I found this week :yay:


3 O-S-R Barn.jpg


7 Near Side 1.jpg


26 O-S-F Puncture.jpg


Has to be the barn find everyone dreams of! AND!! The man took a reasonable offer for it :D

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May be with interest: This Mk.1 is for sale now. Lockated in south of Germany. Artillery limber and nearly rust free. It was the last AEC sold by british rhine army in germany in 1989. Absolute complete and nice runner. The full swimming STALWART with crane and the M150 is also to sell. Owner is a friend of mine, and the whole rig stands dry in the Air Force Museum Leipheim http://www.fliegerhorstmuseum-leipheim.de/Museum/ 20 Miles east of ULM or 30 Miles west of AUGSBURG. The lorry fire up at once and it run like in its first days.










If anyone has serious interest at all or one of the vehicles, please write a message to Hardwig > offroad.lieb@gmx.de

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You read correct, but it is OBO. Think, Hardwig would`nt have time wasters at his phone. Do not forget - it is German market - and full swimmable Stalwart or the unique AEC are more than rare over here.


I know the vehicles very well. Both lorries are very complete and full useable and with the trailer a great sight. An actual cash value - for those good running vehicles - with no further work require - is not so far away from the 50K range, I guess.


But on the other side british vehicles from 50th or 60th are not really searched in Germany and arround.

I must sold my crusader for only 4,5K EUR and my pig for 7K EUR some years ago. Both were in perfect condition. Nobody wants em.


If someone are really with interest should send him an offer.

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All the Militant artillery tractors I've seen have rounded rear wheel arches; this looks like a GS 10 tonner to me. Am I missing something?




Gun tractors are swb, can be 6x6 or 6x4 and have wooden rear bodies and different rear wheel arches, this one looks like a GS 10 ton cargo.

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Quite a famous Militant this one, in some circles, anyway.


During the late 1980's There was several articles in the Military press, (Sixth Sense, Forces Echo, etc) about the last Militant to leave BOAR. It became a popular feature, as some bigwig, Colonel General whoever, was carried out the gate on "Positively" the last Militant in BAOR, only for some wag to write in the next week saying they still had one in their unit. Apparently the very last Militant didn't leave BAOR until some 20 years later in about 2002


This particular "Knocker" is absolutely "The" Very Last Militant in Germany. While there is no doubt it is in quite nice condition, it is still only a GS cargo Mk1 Militant and probably only worth £5-6K. Not sure about the full set of Tilt Trailer and Stolly

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For the UK market - bearing in mind you have to get them back to the UK from Germany - the Knocker is worth around £6K, sight unseen, and depending on whether it was built before 1 Jan 1960

The Stolly is worth around about the same price - £6K to £7K being the limber with crane. Two schools of thought on this - one says the crane is good and can be used for many things, the other says crane is bad because of the extra load on the front pairs of wheel and the nose down swimming attitude. All personal choice.

I have no idea what the trailer is worth - maybe £3K?? Assuming it is then as a job lot you are looking at £16K or about 20,900 Euros.


Speaking for myself- I would only be interested in the Knocker alone if it was pre 1-Jan-1960!!

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Thanks for the clarification Roland, that is what we all suspected, had the Millie been a genuine artillery tractor it would have been worth more as they are now quite rare. When they were cast years ago most were converted into recovery vehicles by the likes of Vass at Ampthill.


What happened to 'Roadhaus', you put a lot of work into that to get it as you wanted?

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You can't just post one picture and no other information, some of us are sat here drooling for more!! She looks very tidy and that crane jib is a monster, makes mine look small

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Here are some more photos and about as much of its history as I can find at the moment.

Originally built for a firm called Tunnicliffes buy a man called Arthur Redman, using part of a Cat D4 dozer blade for the rear end. It was sold by them at a sale in1992 and worked in Sussex. It then went to a firm called Beavens from Craven Arms in Shropshire. We bought it from Ben Freer of Kettering, who bought it from David Crouch.

There were originally two built, the other one was sold to a chap from Masham in North Yorkshire and was cut up for scrap a few years ago.

Ok I've shown you ours, now you show me yours




first trip out.jpg


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Love the pictures, thanks Bob, and the bit of history. Do you know its chassis number? The brass window frames would suggest an early one. Couldn't help noticing the other AEC hiding in the background of one of your pictures, and the Field Marshall, very nice.


As for mine, you can find everything you need to know about it here:


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