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18 hours ago, john1950 said:

Just as an aside, a ball park figure of 1 per cent fall in power output for a diesel engine for each 10 degrees increase in air temperature above 90 degrees F. 32 degrees C. manifold intake temp.  

never new that john thank you for sharing, going off that the hercules should pull better as the air cleaners are mounted on the opposite side of the engine to the exhaust. were the british army fitted rolls c6's had both air cleaner mounted write next to the exhaust manifold. but they were limited to 10 mph max when loaded with a cent. so they would have been in the low gears any way so max power wasn't a massive benefit really.

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I would think the speed limit was more to do with stopping the rig at that weight, even with the extra axles and brake drums of the later Dyson trailer. That Hercules was a well engineered piece of equipment for its day, and ahead of its competitors in some respects. Both power units give a good account of themselves even today. I was involved years ago finding out what pulling power was needed to move a 115 ton trailer and load from a standing start. It turned out the initial start was 7840 lbs with 1120lbs to keep it rolling on the level. That was within the site speed limit of 10mph, then the old equation double the speed square the power is relevant. Of course the fuel that we use today is not the same as when these engines were designed. 

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On 9/14/2008 at 6:32 PM, Nick Johns said:

Diamond T's at Essex country show this w/e, ..another unrestored ex Italian army one

general pics 257 (2).jpg

general pics 246 (2).jpg

general pics 250 (2).jpg

I am Didier from Belgium and I have also an Italiën Diamond T with number 279 painted in red on the bumper




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6 hours ago, caprirs0 said:

Does anybody know if the Dawes diamond t was saved from truckbusters 

If you mean USY 546 it is showing as being on SORN and having been issued with a new logbook on 23/06/2021.

Originally built by Vass and fitted with a TFL 20 crane, what was the aftermarket cab?



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3 hours ago, caprirs0 said:

Think the cab is from a k series ford .

I should have known that having worked at the Ford plant at Langley in the mid seventies, we were still building the odd K series to special order.

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On 9/18/2008 at 7:17 PM, Adrian said:

The ex-Italian T could well have been sold at the same auction as mine. I see the lot number is 278, mine was 274. It seems many of them were converted to the Detroit lump. Anyone know how these compared to the Hercules?

And myn is a 279 ;Didier from Belgium

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On 11/30/2020 at 9:32 PM, MACCDT said:

If you have not already seen, Wartime in the Vale 2021 being held at Ashdown camp, Evesham

is to host a gathering of Diamond T's (all sizes)  to mark 80 years 

Application forms available on the hosts website in January 2021.

Following on from the event held at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience in 2016, which was 

a credit to the organising team of YWE.  Next years event will follow the same theme of a relaxed weekend 

with plenty of opportunity for meeting owners and enthusiasts alike to talk all things T 

More information will be posted as and when available 



Given 2021 did not happen provisionally this was to be 2022 instead.

However given Wartime in the Vale 2022 is next weekend and I have not seen anything posted on HMVF and, at least to me, the Wartime in the Vale website does not look to have been updated recently is the Diamond T gathering happening ? ( I presume the show is on in general ).

Costs of course are an issue both for exhibitors and potentially visitors.

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