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Leyland engine parts?


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Has anyone else noticed Leyland engine parts are hard to find? I've contacted some bigger parts dealers from UK, but so far not even a reply! I'm looking for engine rebuild kits, water pumps etc. My trucks originally came with Leyland Turbo-diesels, 6.6L units with 165bhp/450Nm. The engine type is 0410 / 801 F/9, ie. shortly "410". And they are six cylinders... AND I LOVE the sound & smoke they generate!!!


Perhaps for bigger Leylands parts are easier to get, but so far I've been successfull only getting fuel and oil filters. New water pumps are made in India, but I want real British made parts, not some copies.. :blush:


Any hints where to ask from? Anyone with experience of Leyland engine rebuilds?




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