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A couple of pics of 'Herman', Q807 HNG owned at the time and probably still owned by Malcolm Bowles of Southery, Norfolk. Gardner 6LW powered and the reason I am now a Scammell ower! He let me take it for a (slow) spin around his yard aged about 12 and that as they say, was that! I knew this one for a long time and I think it had two rebuilds during it's hard working life.


Herman started off life as a R100 GUN TRACTOR built around 1943 it has a rebuild plate on the engine in german from its days with B.A.O.R so this probably explains the name.

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Herman now lives with my pioneer as he was bought by my brother a couple of years ago to save him from being scrapped. He looks to have had a very hard life as the chassis is bent in front of the cra

An old picture of a Pioneer I was given

Posted Images



I am glad to add an other pic of the SCAMMELL PIONEER SV to the gallery. This wrecker is owned by our club. (ex MVCG PARIS). I think it's the only SCAMMELL existing in FRANCE, it was bought in the 90' in the same state.


Regards Serge


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this is one of my mates


Matt, thank you for sharing the brilliant 'photos you've recently posted. Here's a picture, taken about eight years ago, of your mate's Doris while she was owned by 'Matador' Mick of Bolton.





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I've started to sort out a large drawer full of photos, and will be scanning and posting in the appropriate threads. Here is a nicely restored pioneer taken at the Corbridge vintage show around seven years ago.

pioneer corbridge (Medium).jpg

pioneer corbridge2 (Medium).jpg

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In the posting by Amazon Joe #241 A very good use of it capabilities , the Cat must weigh between nine and ten tons . no idea of the second bulldozers weight


The cat weighs around 10 tons .we loaded it using the scammells winch with a snatch block 2 to 1 ratio as the cat slips on the steel ramps . Scammell weighs 10 ton ,cat weighs 10 ton ,trailer weighs 41/2 ton 24 ton gross weight . Only 102 BHP but still managed to get into top gear and reached almost 24 mph at one point! Scammell was used by Royal Engineers in Palestine 1947 to move engineering supplies and plant still doing the same job 62 years later .SCAMMELL THE LEGEND LIVES ON

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