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Morris C8 history help please

john fox

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Hi all Morris fans


with a great bit of timing I have just got the history card for my Morris C8 and as we are all back togther again I would be most grateful if people could confirm I have understood it correctly


The post war (Nato) reg number was 32 YT 90 and is shown on the chassis plate attached to ... err the chassis. Based on that the RLC museum could only give me a "key card number 2" which sadly only shows the following:



  • WD number: 32 YT 90
  • engine number: 2507
  • tech type or mark : this is blank abd annoyingly everyother vehicles listed on the page has a type recorded for it!
  • converted from: 5812059 - if i remember earlier postings this should be its wartime Z registration number - please can someone confirm if this is true
  • contract: S.6450


handwritten across the entry is : s/o (struck off), can't read the next 3 charatcers, then the word is disposal, with an apparent reference number (TWN/1/689B) and the date 24/10/57


mine was first registered with the DVLA in the late 1980's and my previous owner told me he was led to believe it had been used as a wrecker/recovery truck by a garage using a trade plate prior to its restoration back to a reasonable attempt at an orginal GS truck (its no where near as good as John W's, Julian's or Rick's mind you) by someone who we don't have a name for


So my questions are

  1. can I safely regard my vehicle as reg no: Z 5812059 built under contract S.6450?
  2. does anyone have any info about contract S.6450?
  3. anyone got any ideas how i find out who originally restored her/converted her from the garage wrecker so I can start to trace its post military history as well since its now been out for 51 years!


anyone with C8 cargo versions with the following NATO numbers (32 YT 89 through to 99 and 32 YT 00 through to 04) some of the data I have listed above is recorded on the same sheet so i can pass it on to you if one of them is your truck


If Clive sees this what was the YT number series used for?

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Hi John,

First let me say that it doesn't matter what she looks like now, it's what she looks like when she's finished that folk look at.

I think you are safe going with the Z number that you have in mind.

With regard to the history if you don't have the old time log book which shows all previous owners then I can only suggest that you contact the previous owner and try to work back from him one step at a time.

If you need it I have a copy of the origional workshop manual which I have put on CD so if you would like one then let me know your address and I will send you one, will only cost you a pint when we meet.



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It all fits John.


According to the Chilwell Census numbers list, reprinted by Rob van Meel, 5809758 - 5813757 were prefixed Z and applied to contract S6450 for 4000 Morris-Commercial - truck 15cwt 4x4 G/S


There are no dates given but based on the Royal Enfield contract which followed it (from C5816151), which was delivered from September 1944, a latish 1944 build date would seem likely.



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I agree. The Z number checks out.The reg number, if I am right is the post war number allocated to vehicles. The disposal numbers are always a mystery to me, if only there was a list, you might find out the area it was disposed in, the TWN may suggest its are, like Twickenham for example. From what I remember there were 3 contratcs for the C8's all 1944 dated, but will have to dig out that info tomorrow, I think it was originally in Wheels and Tracks. Has it got a rebuild number on the chassis plate? You should find that ties in with the number on the record card, deciphering a bit of the mystery.

And for what its worth, it cant have been in any worse condition than mine when I started!

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Hi Rik


I've got what I've listed :-D

of course whether all 3 Ferrets currently work ..... :whistle:

Fox arrived 2 months ago and the plains invasion will be its first outing, almost guarantees it will break down just like the Morris did :red: :cry:

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Make sure you get the Fox covered by Roadsure or some other recovery service before attempting a long distance run. We had ours snap a fan belt on the way to Kemble, they're not known for reliability!



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