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Any one own a Stalwart???


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Any one one here own a Stalwart at all???

The great master plan is to be retired (at 50!!!) from whats left of the Ford Motor Co. this time next year and to invest in one of these beasties as a hobby to keep me out of trouble.

To this end - and with a view to not walking in blind and getting a bank account full of trouble - I'm trying to learn as much about them as possibel!!

I'm already subscribed to the Yahoo group dedicated to them and this has been an invaluable source of information.

However if any one here has one and would like to share any info on maintenance, operations etc it would be much appreciated!

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Maybe not entirely on-topic, but if you visit Tenby in SW Wales, you can take a day trip to Caldey Island.


Depending on the tide, you may be ferried to/from the boat at the island end by a Stolly. Surprised me and my family when I took them. that these people have a Stolly that works, never mind floats.


If you can get in touch, these people may be of use.



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How much work is there in replacing the multi-plate clutch???


Any answers/feedback on these points at all ?


You have to remove the engine, no other way. Also required is a special clutch plate aligning tool with two splines, or an old gearbox input shaft. If the two clutch plates are not lined up spot on, it is easy to damage a plate, then it gets distorted and your new clutch will drag. You will need some form of crane or lifting gear to remove the engine.



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The mk 1 was pulled from a Hedge where it had stood for at least 10 years, some parts had been removed. The engine may well be siezed, hard to tell as the gearchange has also stuck. :roll: Its a very long term project or up for sale if a offer was made. We bought it to save it from scrap.


We hope to tackle the clutch in the mk2 this summer, i have been told its possible to do the job by moving the engine back. Its tight but doable.

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