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Reflections of Courage

abn deuce

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Has anyone one else seen the show " Reflections of Courage" ? I had a quick peek of it dealing with the Normandy Invasion . But Just saw a repeat of the program today what they had also recreated "Exercise Tiger " the disaster just off Slapton Sands with the Veterans from both sides I thought it was well done.

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But Just saw today what they had recreated on "Operation Tiger " the disaster at Slapton Sands



The disaster associatted to operation Tiger didn't happen off Slapton sands. The Landing craft were at the rondevu area about to set off for the mock invasion of the beach miles away in Lime Bay when the E-boats attacked.

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A book well worth reading is Ken Small's, The Forgotten Dead.

isbn 0 7475 7543 6 (paperback)


A well written account of one mans quest to remember those whose lives were tragically cut short, on the night of Exercise Tiger;27 april 1944, in Devon.


A remarkable achievement by a seemingly 'ordinary' guy. (meant in NO disrespect to Ken Small, who, I believe has passed away.)



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