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Before you went 'Green'??? ( or RAF Blue/Grey, or Navy Grey....Military!!! )

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My two hobbies always were WWII, computers and Scouting and to this day I still combine them. First I only read about WWII and visited the locations, places and museums. Now with the Dodge I do a bit of collecting and re-enactment too. Still have Scouting as a major hobby and my interest in computers pays the bills (and runs this site ;) ).


Getting the Dodge wasn't the easiest thing to do and nearly lost me my girlfriend (now wife) but it was one of the best things I ever did. I used to have a small group of Scouting friends but that has been expanded beyond belief since I got the Dodge and saw the HMVF review in CMV.


Started with the internet 15 years ago, before that dail in "Bulletin Board Systems". After hanging around a hacking forum for a while (but was to inept to hack anything other then wood) one day I bought the computer game called Sudden Strike, a WWII strategic game, got stuck in a mission and needed help. Joined the support forum (CDV) and was hooked for real, lot's of guys there who were totally into WWII. Then after a few years on that forum I joined this one and hardly ever went back to the old place.

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After a short time with the Scouts (You can only tie so many knots and woggles) i joined the Air Training Corps where they gave you a free uniform and let you loose blasting away with .303 Lee Enfields, and flying De Havilland Chipmunks !(A lovely and very forgiving aircraft) and every year they sent you on a summer camp to an RAF base where you got to shoot more stuff and fly in bigger stuff and ride around in trucks and Land Rovers etc.

So the intro was very good from a young age! :evil:

Then joined the RAF, got to play with some really good military toys, and in my spare time started tinkering on old Triumph cars, Heralds, Spitfires etc, then helped a mate race his Capri 3.0S in the Slick 50 Saloon Championship, which was great fun, then got into TVR's and trialling Land Rovers.

Then I left the RAF and bought an ex Army series 3 FFR 109, which was mint by the time i finished with it, and then flogged it :cry:, had a brief period with a big yank V8, then seen the Humber and that was it, back to machines painted "British Fighting Green" which i have got to say gives me more satisfaction than any sports car ive had!

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Why was this topic called "before you went green"? My RAF Blue Grey vehicles are Historic military Vehicles, as would be Navy blue RN vehicles., Sometimes I feel that if we don't play "Army" we are second Class....



:schocked: You are kidding! your Antar comes from one of the RAF's finest eras, the early Jet age! Hunters, Canberras, lightnings and the Nuclear V bomber force, your truck was a BIG player in the logistics for the RAF in the Cold War!!


So go and stick that in your pipes "Its Postwar and not green brigade" and smoke it!!





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