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Wehrmacht soldiers and vehicles

abn deuce

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Could be. It does look familiar (which is why I was surprised I couldn't remember a division it belonged to).


Our modern map-marking symbols are derived from these but not exactly the same. Looking at it now, I shouldn't be at all surprised to learn that this indicated a wheeled infantry (or recce) unit.


Must get another slice of that delicious humble pie.

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Fantastic pictures, really top stuff - I have some somewhere, will sort them out and post them up when I get a minuete.


Do you know where these were taken ?


I am really interested in any pictures taken of the 1940 Blitzkreig on France, in and around Rouen, which was under attack from Rommel's mob mid June.


My Grandfather was killed there.


Regards Mark.

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Yes, all the personnal with the Bussing-Nag bus are NSKK, one officer and four other ranks, the bus also carries a plate on the front saying FAHRSCHULE (Driving School). So even though the bus carries a Luftwaffe registration it is being used by the NSKK for one of their prime functions, that of driver training.



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