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Remembering forgotten Heroes

abn deuce

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This appeared on the front page of the Local news paper yesterday..The Omaha World-Hearld .The person mentioned trying to document the crashes in Nebraska is Jerry Perry he has a web site nebraskaaircrash.com

His goal is to visit and document the 54 WWII crash sites in the state , he goes on in the article to say 15,530 deaths were related to training flights during WWII






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I know of others that I have read about who are also aircraft crash site hunters ,They told of still finding small pieces of these aircraft as this gentleman spoke of . I knew there had been accidents but not the numbers of lives lost as this article tell's of . The number of allied aircraft lost over there in Britain has been in a recent issue of the Smithsonian's Air and Space" magazine Does anyone else recall seeing the story? Since I read a number of magazines it could easily have been in a different one , sources tend to blend together , but the stories are not forgotten .

(perhaps it was up in Scotland , I recall it being a high ridge that had 10 or more crash site along it miles out in barren land there was a lake as well )

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I remember reading about an RAF training squadron, which was sent out on Night navigation exercise. They wher given a location to find, then when they got there they would be given their next destination etc, After three or four legs they were sent to find and circle a radio mast, until told were to go next. The trouble is they were forgotten about, and they were left circling the mast for the rest of the night as one by one they ran out of fuel and crashed.


Arrange these words to make a well known phrase or saying "brewery, in, organise, pee-up, couldn't , a "

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