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Snapper's Iltis


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Can either of the Andrews give me an opinion on Iltis torsion bars and bushes???? The Iltis has failed it's MOT and I have to replace one of the torsion bar ends. The bar lambs also got me on my headlight lenses, despite having MOT'd it three years in a row beforehand. So, I have to do a bit of work so I can (hopefully) sell the old girl. I need to know if you chaps have changed any of these bits and can identify whether they come off some other motor from the VAG collection. I don't fancy going to europe to look for some. Ebay is always a possibility. Thank heavens for the numbered parts manual I have......I know the lights are off a Polo - and mucking about with the lenses is not too arduous a task. It's all pretty straightforward, depending how reluctant the torsion bar bits are....Winter fun. I'm so glad I have friends to help me (I make the tea).



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