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German M.A.N. Kat A1 Oil Question

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Okay, this is my first post! (except for my new member intro)

I bought a German M.A.N. Kat A1 10 ton 8x8. The transmission is a ZF WSK400. It's a bit odd, it is an automatic manual with a transfer case attached. When I say automatic manual, I mean that it has a 6 speed manual gear lever but it also has a torque converter on the front like an automatic. To start moving, you engage any one of the first 3 gears and let out the clutch whilst holding your foot on the brake. You let off the brake and push the accelerator. It drives off and you can feel the torque converter do the 'one-two' kick as it picks up speed.

So why am I posting this in the 'British Military Oils' section?

Because I found an article on line written by Clive Elliot.

The German military maintenance books list the correct transmission oil as O-176. The torque converter, transmission and transfer case share a common oil bath/supply.

When I read Clive's article, I found out that O-176 is the same thing as OMD-40 which is 10W oil.

Here is my question; what do I buy and put in this transmission?

10W engine oil? 10W detergent engine oil? 10W hydraulic oil? There are many other 10W oils, but I'm afraid that if I use the incorrect civilian equivalent of O-176 (OMD-40), I could destroy a very expensive piece of kit.


Thank you!


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Wow Clive, thank you for the speedy reply! You attached a page from a 1979 Def Stan and said that it was obsolete now. Co-incidentally my MAN truck is a 1979 model. Thank you also for the link to the current Def Stan, I am in the process of down loading it right now. Because I only have dial-up service at the ranch and the Def Stan is 8MB, it will take about another hour.

Thanks to the page you scanned, I can see that I need 10W moderate duty diesel engine service oil, which is further described as a mineral oil with additives. Used in "certain types of automatic transmission and gear boxes."

That describes it to a 'T'.

I cannot locate an oil in the US which meets the above criteria, perhaps because it is obsolete. The reason I am bothering you so much about this subject is because I have been seeking this oil for over a year. Last night I googled O-176 and up came an excellent article about military oils written by you.

I have tried asking this question on the MAN-Kat forum in Germany, but never got a definitive reply.

So, to cut a long story short; Do you use an OMD-40 10W oil in any of your vehicles? If so, which civilian brand and type of oil do you use?

Thank you once again for your help!




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Do you use an OMD-40 10W oil in any of your vehicles? If so, which civilian brand and type of oil do you use? -Sarge


I'm afraid I don't use OMD-40. Some of my vehicles should have OMD-110, but that became obsolete! But I can get the equivalent civilian engine oil to spec SAE-30. I'm sure there must be some oil specialists in the US that cater for unusual products for older equipment?

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John we ran SAE10 in the transmisson, anything heavier and you will knacker the gearbox.


SAE 10 is vital due to the fluid flywheel, it has a lock out system for over run and for when engine revs hit a certain speed so the transmission becomes a full manual, then if the revs drop down, like climbing a short hill, the fluid flywheel will unlock allowing the engine revs to pick up without chaging gear, alomst like a splitter box. if the oil is too viscous it will not work properly and you can burn out the fluid flywheel.


We had no problem getting hold of the oil from a local "76 lubricants" shop in Azerbaijan, but they did have to import it for us.


i attached the gearbox pages from the english manaul. :-D



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