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HMVF Flags now for sale


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OK Chaps and Chapes's


We have finally come up with a flag for the forum members to fly proudly on their MV's, the flag is white lettering on a black background displaying the forum name and web address (pic to follow), on the flag there will be only one web address HMVF.CO.UK all centralised under HMVF, two flags are sewn together to get the same on each side so it will be a BOGOF deal (buy one get one free). Size of said flag is 27cm x 35cm which we feel is just right for an aerial that we all use.


The cost of these flags are £12.00ea, we are looking for a minimum sale of 10 flags first off before we place an order, (I for one have put my name down for 2) once we have 10 or more then we will order asap so please bear with us.


I will start a post below this one with my name and quantity required, if you would like to order a flag/flags then please copy and paste and add your name to the list, payment details will follow.


Thank you for looking and hopefully you make an order.


Best regards


width=640 height=320http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b114/MEasterby-Wood/FLAGSQ.jpg[/img]


This is only a proof copy image quality is not brilliant. Thanks



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Thanks to everyone on the list so far I will be sending PM's out soon with more details and hopefully ordering soon and on that note is there anyone else who would like to add their name before I do this deed.


Regards and Thank you.

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