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British Crusader

abn deuce

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French caption

Un Crusader gun tractor MKI immatriculé T12667(6ou8) et baptisé DUNTOCHER équipé de rehausseur type



Crusader gun tractor MKI registered T12667 (6ou8) and baptized DUNTOCHER equipped with standard rehaussor

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Well, yes,.......................modified Crusader, though. :-D

I wonder if any of this particular type have made it into preservation. :dunno:



There is one preserved at Overloon in Holland, I think that's the only one though. The last users were Argentina, they modified theirs into SP guns. Apparently all gone now though.

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:whistle: ok it has a deep wading screen fitted so its fresh off the beach and its towing a17pdr anti tank gun the crew will be standing on the side lockers as the top of the vehicle ends below the blackline rectangle on the front airfix did a conversion in there Crusader book 1/32 and Accurate Armour do a 1/35 check there site for pics

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