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Barry and the Two World Wars Exhibition November 2008

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Members who are also on the Great War Forum will be aware that recently I was part of a group that raised £80,000 to restore our local Centotaph and Roll of Honour. I also organised an exhibition on 'Barry and the Great War' with the help of WFA members and re-enactors on 10th Nov. We had 2,300 visitors in 6 hours! (Pictures on the site under 'Cemeteries and Memorials')


I've been asked if I'll do it again next November and thought I'd broaden it to 'Barry and the Two World Wars'. The idea would be to raise funds for the upkeep of the restored areas over future years.


The public's response this year was amazing and all the volunteers (29 of us) are up for a repeat performance. We also have support promised from WW1 and 2 re-enactors. I'd love to hear from any WW2 vehicle owners who'd like to join us in South Wales on 22nd November 2008.


We have been offered a larger venue (the Mian Hall) and a car park to display the military vehicles.


Thanks for reading this!



Barry, South Wales

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