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Oil lube and microfiltration performance and saving fuel on world war II tank.


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Hello every one,


My name is Pierre Girard from Lac-Saint Jean, Québec, Canada.


Years ago i read someting about microfiltration who have install in tanks during the World War II. The engineer at that time did make a lot of testing for oil lube performance and develop microfiltration to extend the life of oil lube and at the same time the life of the engine.


If you have any information about this, I will really appreciate to get in touch with it.

Right now my company have a projet with the government of Quebec to maximise the mechanic use and count the amount of Co2 that we can save with good oil lube and better filtration to extend the life of oil and mechanic.


Sincerely yours


I really appreciate your web site and congratulation to everyone who bring information for the need of our environment.


You can send me Email at : p.girard@reductionco2.ca



Pierre Girard

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Welcome Pierre, HMVF saves the world is an idea that takes a bit of getting used to. Mind you the Brocquet catalyst was originally a WW2 development. According to experts, well it doesn't work. I ran an Austin Montego supposedly un convertable to lead free for 250,000 miles plus on one, with emissions so low the MOT tester wondered how the engine could run so lean.

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