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US Wall small tent

777 AAA

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I have some questions about the US WWII small wall tents. I'm about to buy one missing the wood poles. I would like to know if there are more than the two big center poles (I mean, are there 4 corner spokes?)


I would be interested in pictures and mesurements for the required poles. Or if anyone knows where to buy repros.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Anyone selling a Wall Small tent, please contact me!



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If you need measurements/ pictures I have one stashed away at a friends house and can get them for you in a couple of weeks time.


Hi whistlinwolf.


Thank you for your answer. I would be glad if you can provide me with the measurements & pictures. I'm wondering if it will be difficult to rebuild the metal parts of the poles. Are the poles round or do they have facets?

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Thanks Tim, but I have found the poles and the ridge. But the tent I had found is to small. I don't know what it is for a model, but it is only 7,2 feet long and 6,56 feet high instead of 9' X 9'


I thought I had made a great deal :cry:


So I'm now looking for the correct sized canopy to match my poles and ridge. :?

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