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Hi there,

I have recently stripped the rear axle assembly off my WC63, as it was making some rather disturbing noises. I noticed last Winter time that the ball studs on the torsion bars were loose in there sockets, and had been packed off with washers (long ago). Any way this back end I decided to strip it down and try and sort it out. What's happened is, the studs have been left loose at some time, and have worn the sockets out of shape.


Now my questions; Has any one come across this problem before and how did they get over it? Does any one have a spare back Axle, or the part that bolts the whole assembly to the chassis and that the trunnion's fix to (don't know technical name, my manual is on a farm 30 miles away with the Dodge). And finally if no one has any parts, does anyone know where I might get them?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in anticipation,


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Yeah, I'm taking the Dodge to an engineering firm in Louth tomorrow, (I'm in Boston Lincolnshire) but was asking on here just in case they can't do anything, or if it would work out dearer to get it repaired than to buy new parts.


Thanks for your comments though. Any more would be welcome, especially if any one else has encountered this problem.


Many thanks, Chris.

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