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Mystery Object No.67

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Ah found it at last. I knew there was a rear shot somewhere.


Looks like a Sight, Periscope, No.3 Mk 1


width=640 height=403http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v684/fv1620/App0676.jpg[/img]


... and a Balkenkreuz?


History of the Balkenkreuz applied to German (mainly armoured) vehicles of the Second World War.


In the Polish Campaign, the Panzerdivisions marked their (very dark) Panzergrau vehicles with white crosses akin to the white stars used by the Allies after Normandy.


When they realised that a white cross on a dark background made an excellent aiming mark for AT gunners, they painted out the white cross with black, leaving the Balkenkreuz as we generally think of it, in the same way tank commanders painted out their white stars, preferring to risk attack by their own fighter-bombers rather than German tank and AT gunners. And in the 1970s NATO finally painted out the yellow bridge classification (in gloss yellow) in a much subtler grey.


Then when the Balkenkruez was painted onto a pale surface (desert yellow for example), the white would be edged with another fine line of black.


Simple really.

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