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french auction results

50 cal ( † RIP † )

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Not understanding French was not considered a defence for Flemish soldiers led by French-speaking officers during the First World war :-)


I don't think that the Auctioneers have posted the results yet but the sale was over three days so only ended on monday. I have seen some figures on another site and the local paper had a report to say the saturday was busy.


I think that we'll have to be patient a little longer.


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Found the following on a French forum:


I'm sure a full list will come out at some point in the magazines.


Un frein de bouche de panther (muzzle brake): 3200 euros

Un Jerrican allemand sur son support (german jerrycan): 400 euros

Zundapp ks 750 : 21.000 euros + frais

Kettenkrad : 50.000 + frais

Remorque kettenkrad (trailer): 5400 + frais

schwimwagen : 68.000 + frais (costs) soit un record de... 81.600 euros,

-le velo para allemand (German para bike): 2700€

-la Caisse de 75 kwk 40 a peu près propre (body of a kwk 40)....320€

-la caisse de grenade à manche avec ratelier ( le tout bien rouillé ) (rusty hand grenade case) 580€ en prix final

-la sirène incompléte tres tres attaquée par la rouille (rusty and incomplete siren): 350€

-La kubelwagen type 82: 26 OOO €

Conteneur de parachutiste britannique. on y joint un caisson. mise à prix 80/100e prix de vente dans les 800e. (British parachutist's container guide price 80-100euro sold for around 800!)

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I realize there are some differences between here and there... some good some not , it cuts both ways . True I had not considered the possibility of it being a full fuel can ..... But I didnt think that gasoline that was aged for 62 years would fetch quite so much money , must be different stuff they were working on back then . I guess if it improved with age that stuff would be down right Rocket fuel; by now??? :dunno: :shake: :evil: ;-)

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There was an article in the latest CMV about this. It seems that the whole event descended into a circus with vast numbers of on lookers coming to watch so that the actual bidders couldnt be seen by the auctioneer. Also of course, due to money laundering rules it is illegal in France to pay for anything in case over £2,100 which must have caused some fun for the succesful bidders.


Top price was the Scwimmer at £47,550. The Einheits diesel went for £15,390 and is coming to England! The Ketenkrad £35,000. US Parachiute trailer £2,800. Dodge £3,850. M201 £3,150 (only bargian i can see). Jerrycans from £28 to £105. Panther muzzle brake £1,960. On top of these goes a 20% buyers premium!


On the sad side, lots of stuff was stolen before the bidders could collect it. A word of warning if you go to this sort of thing. take a friend to sit on what you buy otherwise you may lose out.


Goodness knows why the prices are so high. This stuff is not that uncommon in France so you wonder if more of it will now turn up.


Tim (too)

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