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Blimey, wouldn't have wanted to drive far with thatbolted on front of my face. Ok, I guess untill you hit a bump, or rolled across a patched road;..................Two lovelly BLACK eyes................. :whistle:


Your head is strapped to the goggles. So as you bounce around Tabby & your head stay together whilst the vehicle & the rest of your body move in a different direction.


I speak with experience. I have a set of Tabby Type E, still with it's MoS label. I have got them working, fitted them in the Rover, fitted IR filters on the headlights & went off roading by myself. I did about 100yds & that was enough!

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Where does the sick bucket attach? :schocked:



I don't think anyone experienced that because there is no record of it ever being used operationally by the British Army in WW2. I'm talking night driving here not RN signalling or RAF IFF systems. There is a record & indeed diagrams of installing Tabby to water buffalo to assist in crossing the Rhine. But the equipment although installed was not used instead a 19 Set was used as a DF beacon on the opposite bank for homing in on.


Post-war the Common User Binoculars being attached to the drivers headgear allowed him to bounce along with the binoculars. As they were considerably lighter & shorter there was no need for any mounting on the vehicle.

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I have heard a tale that when the lens of the eye is removed for cataracts, that the eye becomes sensitive to UV. Apparently this was used for signalling, can anyone confirm?



Don't know about about cataracts & UV. Certainly removing an opacity that stops 'light' energy arriving properly on the rods will hamper night vision.


As for UV signalling. If you look at the circuit diagram of a Churchill tank you will see there is provision for a UV lamp. So UV was tried as a marshalling device for tanks after dark. I found some MoS research from WW2 & is summarised in the last couple of pages here:



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