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Blog authors and their projects.


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Blog authors and their projects;


So far Clive and Tyler have been kind enough to volunteer to be authors of their blogs, when they are ready I will let them introduce their projects and their details.........



So who else would like to have their own blog on their restoration project? Below I have written just some brief guidelines which may help give you some focus;


Guide lines for Blogs


1. Any age or nationality of vehicle is welcomed

2. No pressure, don't feel obliged to update it weekly but it would be nice to have it updated at least several times a month, other wise members want bother looking at it.

3. If you can take as detailed pictures as possible so fellow members can learn from you.

4. Share your problems and your emotions of your project.

5. Share your success's and tips!!

6. Please give as a brief intro to your project, make, model, age, what you paid for it (optional) how much you spent on it (again optional) and the date you expect to have it finished.

7. More than one vehicle of same make and age is welcomed.



Above all, have fun with your blog and take pleasure in sharing your knowledge amongst us all, we will all appreciate your time and effort.


Thanks everyone!




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Well we've got plenty of projects going on:


A Clubmobile build in Hants,


A GMC makeover in Dorset,


A M8 resto in Surrey,


2 GMCs in Wales / Gloucester


A Staghound in ????? (not allowed to say) Don't ask 'cos I wont tell you.


2 Jeeps (re)builds in Sussex


plus our overseas neighbours


so should be quite a busy and informative forum.

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  • 2 months later...

so Jack seeing i'm up to my a-se in paint chips and bits do I qualify to blog?

How do I blog??

What do need to blog? out of town shops or discreet mail order??

With whom do I blog? is there casual blogging? group blogging?? or I've heard whispers blogg dogging my mind boggles!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE Jack show me the world of happy bloggers.......


I'm not sure the RSPCA will approve blogging with pigs Clive, could be lethal with a ferret


Confused mad mekon commonly answering to Jerry

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