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Humber 1 Ton GS Cargo for sale on ebay

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It is interesting that so many of these did end up as breakdown trucks. Ironic that the Humber Breakdown FV1606 never made it to the drawing board. I have the WO design requirements but it never seemed to get as far as an FVRDE Spec, unless anyone knows different? Wally have you anything further on this I wonder?

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For some time l have been going through the files on the FV 1600  family of vehicles while l have a number of records and photographs of most including  08/09/21/22 .     The  FV 1606 if it did  exist may have only been in the mock up stage as a large number of projects did and it was normal practise  to reduce  to product in other words broken up a few did survive if it did make to mock up it may be in the list of mock up vehicles which l do not have  at home


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