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World Wide Arms to cease Trading

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Sad times, I've enjoyed those glossy magazines for decades but the latest and presumably last says on the front cover World Wide Arms are to cease trading on May 25th.  😒

Presumably partly due to the ever increasing complexities of the Deac  market and also the passing of the founder?


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Sad news. I’ve bought many things from them over the years. Somewhere stashed away I have a collection of their old catalogues going back to the late 1980’s. They cover the ‘golden age’ of deact collecting in the UK and the choice and prices compared to now would make you weep.

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I knew Les and Marita from buying at the International and other venues.  I spoke to Marita last week and pulled up some of my old records that showed that my first 3 items I bought from them were an SKS rifle (£38) an MG34 (£248) and an STG44 (£75).  Good days indeed.

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After WWA have finally ceased trading. It will be a Sad Day for the collecting community.

I dont know of any other Company that had the global contacts Les did! To that end, there will be few new interesting Arms imported into GB after they close thier doors!

D&B I feel will corner the lions share of Market. & What remains for sale, prices will increase accordingly!..

If there is little competion, there will be little available to collectors. At affordable prices. & the Hobby may well slowly grind to a halt sadly. ☹️

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