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FV432s not allowed on the roads (according to DVSA)?

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Dear All

I had people asking if they could hire me to take them to proms etc in an FV432 so I asked the council (private hire licensing) and they asked the DVSA which wrote back to them apparently claiming that FV432s are not permitted on the roads, i.e. not road legal. Rather makes me wish I had never contacted the council! Given that numerous people drive FV432s on the roads without issue and the media/Google research all says they are road legal providing they are road registered, does anyone have any legislation they could point me to which confirms they are legally permitted on the road? The full text from the council is below:


The registration number indicates the vehicle concerned is a FV432 armoured personnel carrier.

 Assuming this is correct the vehicle width of 2.8m would exceed the 2.55m maximum for C&U.

 Other reasons where the vehicle may not meet C & U requirements

 Regulation 18 – Brake efficiency

 Regulation 16 schedule 3 – Braking system

 Regulation 54 – Silencers

 Potentially because of the increased width the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989, in particular the positions of the front lamps, rear lights and reflectors  

Following further questions I raised the DVSA has advised as follows:

Unless the vehicle has been modified the width, braking system, lights and exhaust system would not meet the C&U or lighting regulations, therefore cannot be used on the road.

 The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003 (STGO) allows wider vehicles to be used, but I don’t believe there is a category within those regulations to cover this vehicle.

 Just because a vehicle is taxed doesn’t mean it meets C & U regulations.

 I can only give this as a general opinion as I haven’t seen the vehicle.

I then further enquired whether it was possible for the vehicle to undergo an assessment to demonstrate whether it complies with the relevant regulations and received the following response:

No a tracked vehicle is exempt from MOT testing, I think the only course of action would be to apply for an individual vehicle approval (IVA) but that is highly unlikely to be granted if the vehicle fails to meet C & U

It would therefore appear that, at present, your vehicle is unlikely to be permitted to be used on the roads, either as a licensed vehicle or for your own private purposes.

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This is a difficult topic and I’m not sure you’re going to find what you need on this forum.

I have some experience with regards to C&U regs and CVRTs. 

You need to find the construction and use regulations, they are online, and read through them. I don’t think you can get around the width problem. 


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No doubt it was “road legal” at some point…

might come down to interpretation or Semantics. Fire appliances have some similar issues re max overhang (exemption as a fire appliance) but the line between construction and use might be starting to get blurry once the vehicle retires.

and it all used to be so simple : (

good luck figuring it out.

hoping that doesn’t involve the use of a tank transporter.



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Measured the width of the outer edge of one track to another, and that's 2.5m so I think it's within the limit, sort of! It's under a tarp at the moment so I couldn't check across the body but don't think that's much wider. Just been told as well the wing mirrors don't count for width, which is fortunate as they added another 20cm on!

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I would doubt if you would get one registered now both due to width and the lack of a secondary breaking system.     They were a lot more flexiable in the past on the classes they would tax them in.

The cost of your vehicle Insurance would have be interesting for commerical use.   Also the question of an MOT excempt vehicle for private hire.

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