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For Sale - Clark pneumatic 10m mast


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Military Clark SQTF10 in working order including integral hand pump & locking base. I have owned this from new for 3-4 years, regularly lubricated with only silicone grease to maintain the seals as advised by manufacturer. Happy to demonstrate it in smooth operation. Collection only near Llandeilo, S.Wales £300


IMG_20211023_122330 (Medium).jpg
IMG_20211023_122330 (Medium).jpg (223.35 KiB) Viewed 2 times
IMG_20211023_122428 (Medium).jpg
IMG_20211023_122428 (Medium).jpg (203.74 KiB) Viewed 2 times
IMG_20211023_114436 (Medium).jpg
IMG_20211023_114436 (Medium).jpg (286.23 KiB) Viewed 2 times
Clive Elliott

Wanted British Army publications of any period (the older the better) eg AC, ACI, AESP, AO, COSA, CR, DCI, EMEC, EMEI, EMER, EMPL, EMPS, ER, JSP, LoC, LTI, MAOS, MRA, RAOS, REA, VAOS, WMTI, etc, Army & WO Coded publications.
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