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75mm Pack howitzer

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Bit of an unusual request but here goes....Is there anybody out there that could let my father view a 75mm howitzer?

We've just uncovered my grandfather's service in the war which turns out to be a bombadier in 64 Air Landing Light Royal Artillery. I found  a scrap of paper which turned out to be a glider manifest. Due to this a picture was found in the states of a glider pilot stood next to my grandfather before operation Dragoon. 

So my father would like to see exactly what his father would have been operating. If anyone is at a show with one that would be ideal.

We're Suffolk based but happy to travel.

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Hello Ray, I might be able to get access to one in Larkhill, Wiltshire, if that’s not too far.  Send me an email if you’re interested. I can always meet you down there with my Jeep which was used to tow a 75mm howitzer in 53rd Light Regt RA.



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Hi Ray and Tom, I have a couple here in Holland, but that is probably too difficult, but I can ask a friend near Luton, if his can be viewed if you want? he can also tell you all about it.

Any chance of a picture of the glider loading plan?

In the meantime a picture of mine, that is on loan to a museum. This is one with original parts recovered from the battlefield mounted on it, and 100% British wartime used.


PS, another solution could be to go to Duxford, as they have one on display, but it's a bit strange, as it's hanging from the ceiling!



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Hi Lex

Thank you for the kind offer. Someone has offered but if it falls through I will keep you in mind. My mother is Dutch so it may be an option for a visit to the mother land! 

What museum is the Horsa image from?

The glider manifest is just a scrap of paper but from it Neil Jones from the Night Fright restoration managed to find out who the glider pilots and tug pilots were.  My grandfather is centre with Zane Graves on the right

Thanks again

HEK II Before Aug 15 flight copy.jpg



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Thanks Ray! the Pack is in the Overloon War Museum, the second one is there too, but not on display yet, it will be in a US display, but I have parts for it that were found in the Rhine crossing's operation Varsity, with the 6th Airborne area, dug up some years ago. 

The glider is a part replica, that nobody in the UK wanted (or had room for) it, and RAF storage was being demolished, so it came to Holland a couple of years back, and is now permanently displayed in Overloon, a Dakota is also there.

We have, for years been doing displays and shoots all over the place, but since the pandemic, all is on halt, so it's in the museum now for some time to come.





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