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RR B61 engine

Ivor D

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Hi has anyone out there got a RR B61 engine or B60 engine taking up space as I am looking for a surplus engine as my engine is seized solid after sitting since 1979!  
A few years ago these engines were everywhere, have they all gone off to the the scrap man or has anyone kept one just incase! 

Ivor (Ipswich Suffolk)

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Hi thanks 

The B60 was used in the ferret and some trucks, the B61 was used in civilian fire engines and also military generators and also on a starter set to start jet engines apparently although quite how that worked and on which engines I don’t know. I am interested in the B61 as it is alloy and had twin carbs fitted. I might be able to free off my B60 but thought I would try and find another if possible. 

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