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Removing L60 engine on Chieftain?


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Hi, don’t see much Chieftain activity on here, but I’m short of options. We have to pull the main engine to replace the electric starter. At least, I think we do. It looks pretty damned inaccessible to replace it in situ. And it turns out the engine is well designed for easy removal. 
Question is, where should the turret be located to allow engine removal. None of the many manuals we have cover this for some reason. And we have restricted  turret rotation due to tank location. 


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Dear Malcolm,

The necessary direction direction to rotate the turret would be pretty obvious I would have thought.  You just need the clearance to lift all the decks and NBC equipment out of the way.  I would guess, this means gun left at 90 degrees.

Having to lift the pack for relatively minor maintenance is not unusual.

I am sure that the advice from everybody will be to have the manual (EMER or AESP) that covers lifting the pack.  There may also be a SEME Bordon precis on this.  There will be numerous special points that you need to be aware of.  For instance, on the cooling:  On refit, you need to bleed the quick release connectors by depressing the bit inside the connector. Don't put neat antifreeze in the coolant header tank thinking it will mix eventually.  I will not but it will go to gel.  The engine will not reach working temperature without driving it.  These are just a few points that I can remember!




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If I recall...and its a long time ago...starter - electric or hydraulic - was definitely pack out.

Pack lift was with turret swung 90 degrees for deck and engine access. 

Apart from that, can't remember anything special? 

But it has been a very long time. Find an EMER!

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Thanks for replies, guys. 
I’m not going into this cold! 😎 I have all kinds of info, job guides, and procedures on pack removal and installation. It was the turret position I was wondering about. Couldn’t find any reference to it. 
As John said, I found gun left, bit closer to rear than 90 degrees might be ok. But it’ll be a tight squeeze. 
Another two questions:

(a) do I need to drain oil tank? The instructions don’t say to do this, but the return pipe from the scavenge pump goes into the tank well below the oil level, so draining would be necessary to remove hose. Or does it go above oil level inside the tank?
 I see the Pressure pump supply comes from the top of the tank so removing its hose just drains the small amount in the standpipe. 

(b) where are alignment shims? Under engine or transmission? 

Thanks, Malcolm

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