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FFR ammeters wiring

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Is there anyone out there who has photographs or sketches of the routing of the radio and vehicle battery ammeters wiring from the shunt box to the ammeters on a 1967 S2A 109 FFR Land Rover, and would be kind enough to share them please?

(I had some myself when I was getting the bulkhead replaced but a computer failure wiped them out)!

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http://www.land-rover-lightweight.co.uk/Images/Electrical/rover1 24Av.jpg

Have a look at the Winwaed  site for some 109" specifics.    For  109"  (non-transistorised)   ,  a early LWT diagram with  'twin-ammeters'  will not be far away from what you want.    I normally work around what is the nearest available.


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1967  ,  is it a Rover 9 or 11  ?

Have a look on Ex-MLRA   ,   I think the blog by GAVFOZ  -  his was a Rover 11 and I think FFR,  lots of photographs - may be something.

More  S2A    Toastie   types  88"    Rover  8   -  by such as John Hughes ,  Stivvy,  Nils and one or two more.    I think you would have to contact and request specifically what you need.     A LWT  Rover 1 / 2A  FFR  would hardly be much different ,  I once stripped off flex. conduits from a 109"  to swop over to a LWT and was surprised they were same lengths/identical around the shunt box.

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