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Bedford mwd carb and air filter help


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Hello all!  Bit of advice needed please, i have a bedford here and have realised the air intake is off an old land rover and am now unsure if the carb is the correct one? If not can i get one? Also can anyone point me in the direction of the correct air filter parts? Any help appreciated 🙂 




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29 minutes ago, Richard Farrant said:

You have a Zenith, correct one is a Solex 35RZFAIPO

The inlet manifold is a civilian spec as well as the mounting for the carb flange is different.

The Solex one won't fit on your inlet manifold...


If the engine runs fine, I would suggest that you leave it as is.

Zenith carbs were fitted to post war Bedford 28HP engines, likwise the oil filter you have.  Your MW was probably re-engined at some point in its civillian life.

If you do decide to go back to the "war time spec", you will (at a minmum) need to get a new inlet manifold, new carb, new throttle linkage. I think that the exhaust manifold remained the same

Carb photos for reference...203946358_391016082349842_3395268893361814545_n.thumb.jpg.79d741a8b4c1144ce3e658c6a75a8416.jpg







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I have looked back at photos of your engine and you have the civilian type manifold made for a Zenith carb and the orientation of the carb flange mounting is different to WD  manifolds (inc. QL), also it is a different oil filter to the military ones, so mounting holes for that are different. It depends if you are changing the carb to the WD spec. Solex.

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Thanks for the info! I plan on fitting the correct inlet and exhaust manifold over time and if I ever find one. Also I’ll be changing the oil filter to a military spec. I have bought the correct scolex carb still in its wax paper but can’t be fitted unless I make some sort of adaptor. Anyone selling the correct bits I would be very interested 😁

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