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Bedford mw history help


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On 9/1/2021 at 8:21 PM, Minesweeper said:

Perhaps off topic for which I apologise! I did my Army Driving Test in an Bedford MW 15cwt in 1959 - 13RE80 and fond memories go with it. I often wonder what happened to it and I wonder if either - or both of you -Wally and Richard - have any record of it?


13RE80 , Chassis number 58996 built under contract S3512 (delivered appx Aug 1944, cost per vehicle was £273 and 13s shillings) .  Ended up at the intelligence centre prior to being sold at Ruddington on 12th June 1961. I don’t know if it still exists.

Don't suppose you have any photos of 13RE80 or any other MW's ?

and did you have to use a Static Trainer


or a makeshift rolling road


before the let you out on the road ?



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That all adds up! At that time - something new - five new Intelligece Platoons were formed up at Maresfield to be part of Strategic Reserve in 1959 - one for each of the 4 Brigades Groups within 3 Infantry Division and the other to be attached to Div HQ. Each Platoon was to be entirely self supporting and independent with their own Int Corps vehicles and drivers, administration and so on. My unit was 3 Platoon to be attached to 2 Infantry Brigade group with Brigade HQ at Crownhill Fort in Plymouth. Drivers were Int Corps personnel all who could already drive but each driver did a 2 weeks MT course for assessment and to be passed by the army. The platoon consisted of about 10 - 2 officers, 2, senior N C O's and other Int Corps  O.R.'s, plus two Draughtsmen from other units. The two MW's were there purely for that assessment purpose. Unit vehicles were two Land Rovers and an Austin K9 with three Sankey 1/2 ton trailers.

The whole idea was shortlived and the Brigade was disbanded towards the end of 1960. The Int Corps men were posted to other units but the two Draughtsmen - both National Sevicemen - one from the R.A. and the other from the Devon and Dorsets were both demobbed immediately without having to complete their full term of National Sevice!

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"Reserve" - not "Command"
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